Birth is "the beginning or coming into existence of something"
(oxford dictionary)

It is to bring forth what was not there before, its the start of something new,
the appearance into physical form that which has been in a state of creation until now. 

We birth many times throughout our lives beginning with our physical birth as a body on earth.

We also birth, or in other words begin, our knowing through playing/learning, our careers, our health, our lives. Everything is in a state of creation, there is always some component of ourselves that is being birthed or is about to be birthed- there is always something in our lives that is beginning.  

Just like childbirth, all types of birth can be completed with grace and gentleness if approached with warmth, kindness, tenderness, and time tested tools.     

Wether you are birthing your baby, your body, or your breath Birthwyse Inc. offers intelligent and compassionate care. Utilizing time honoured techniques to help you transform your perceptions, uncover your inner strength, move with courage + heart and apply your knowing to your experience.

The phrase, 'to give birth,' in Italian is "Dara Alla Luce."
Which is literally translated as "to give to the light."

It's a beautiful sentiment, and you deserve to live it even more.

I am honoured to walk with you and help you facilitate your birth with wellness. 

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