"Dare Alla Luce"

​​​In Italian this means 'to give to the light'

 it is used in reference to birth

That is what birth is about. It is to give to the light what has been gestating in darkness; wether in the darkness of our wombs, of our unconscious emotional selves, or our body and breath tensions. To birth is to bring that which lies in the dark into the light- to make known the unknown. Its a creative act, its a connective act, it is a transformative act. 

I am a guide on this threshold. Wether you are birthing your baby, a deep emotion long forgotten, or a new way of being in relationship with your body, I walk with you. I hold your hand, I offer warmth, care, insight, and my deep heartfelt intuition. I do not crowd, do not claim to know, or try to feed you what I think is right. I create space for you enough for you to find yourSelf; to birth your own knowing and your own truth. 

More often then not we don't need more answers, or more others telling us who and what we should or shouldn't be, or how we should or shouldn't birth, rather we need more witnesses, more listeners, most space holders. I hold this space. Like a mothers womb, I create a container in which you explore your own unfolding. You set the pulse, the rhythm, the tempo. I merely remind you that you are doing it- you are life embodied.

I offer this container wether through Numa Breath work- an integrative emotion releasing, somatic unfolding, and mental exploration of ones alternated states of consciousness.

Or though Thai Yoga Body Theraphy - a movement designed hands on energetic exchange of body care used to nurture your inner soul and contain your wounded parts.

Or through being your Doula- a wonder filled journey through layers of your own being as it dances in relation and support of the future in your womb, a dance of living life in the moment through its transitory and initiatory states.

I offer my heart, mind, and skills to being this container that walks with you. I am Nattalia and I am standing with hand outstretched at the doorway to your next state of being. I am honoured to walk with you.


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