About Nattalia

The first thing you notice about me is my warm presence and kind heart. 

It is my role as your doula, thai yoga massage practitioner, therapeutic yoga practitioner, and/or breathe/mindfulness facilitator, to create a safe space in which you can unfold who you are as you are. I facilitate a trusting, compassionate, and therapeutic space in which we explore the ares of your life that need nourishment and support. Once unfolded, we then use your inherent strengths and my skill set to build and nourish those areas.

In regards to your birth and postpartum experience, my role is to help you see where you are already strong and capable. Then we connect those capacities to the tools that will support you to move, as gracefully as possible, through your unique birth and postpartum experience. The tools we use are proven to provide nourishment to your body, mind, and heart and to support you beyond just your birth and postpartum.    

As a mother/father, family, and individual who feels nourished and supported, you naturally make the healthiest choices for your own life. It is not my role to help you have a certain kind of birth, or certain kind of experience, rather it is my role to help you have the experience you are having while you are having it. In other words, to equip you with the tools that empower you to manage your own life, birth, parenthood by your own definition of healthy.    

To support my practice I call on my degrees, certifications and training in:

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    B.A Philosophy,
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    Certified Doula (DONA),
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    200 hr Registered Yoga Therapist,
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    Holistic Practitioner (Thai Yoga Massage, Therapeutic Yoga),
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    Numa Breath Facilitator,
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    Mindfulness Facilitator,
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    Mother Warmer and postpartum doula.

I am passionate about supporting those seeking breath/body/mind connection, body and movement integration, and holistic practice.

Something unique about the way I work in birth:

As you carry life within your womb and walk into motherhood, my unique professional background allows me to reach and connect with your most trusted source of support - your partner. My care focuses on connecting you and your partner so that you may birth - your babe and your family - together versus apart. 

Through the elements of breath, touch, movement, and honouring practices your ‘birth’ experience and parenthood journey becomes your families very own work of art.