About Nattalia

I am here to support you. 

I come to stand beside you and offer my heart gifts to you. I am one among many of those whom will be a part of your journey through your birth(s) -- of your baby, and/or of pieces of your self. 

I am honoured to walk with you.


I came to this work, or rather, it found me, through my own life hardships, trials, experiments, discoveries, and choices. And I continue because there is now no other work I would rather do in the world.

Birth, Women, Babies, Families, Psyche and Body Transformation

these are my passions and the areas of life that I feel most drawn to support and help unfold the inner jewels found there. 

My B.A. in Philosophy, with a focus on feminist existential being and indigenous ways of knowing, lead directly into a traditional Herbal Kitchen Apprenticeship with Abrah Arneson, a deep dive into the spiritual and life principles found in a consistent- community based meditation practice through the CFT, and a self paced and life taught doula path initiated by DONA Doula training. 

These initial beginnings gifted me with a deep presence towards the power and magic of birth and to how I need to arrive in order to support such a sacred act. They modelled for me how to give to others with deep heart-felt compassion, as Mother, and to model the truth found in our Mother Earth. These beginnings lead me to the first families that opened their hearts and bodies to my care, from which I learned by being with women and their families.

That is how I have grown as a facilitator- from you Women-Mothers. You have taught me how to help you. 

To support my practice I call on my degrees, certifications and training in:

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    B.A Philosophy,
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    Certified Doula (DONA),
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    200 hr Registered Yoga Therapist,
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    Holistic Practitioner (Thai Yoga Massage, Therapeutic Yoga),
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    Numa Breath Facilitator,
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    Mindfulness Facilitator,
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    Mother Warmer and postpartum doula.

My trainings with Janice Clarifeild in Prental Yoga, Lex Gillian of the Yoga Institute for my 200 hour Yoga Teacher training, Stefani-Wilton of Mandorla Yoga Institute in Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga Theraphy, and my continuing apprenticeship and co-facilitation with Trevor Yelich of Numa Somatic Breath Work--- these have all found me and gifted me in order that I can offer their fruits to the woman and families I work with. They stand alone, and serve on their own to those wanting to experience their magic, but in birth they take on a whole new dimension.

Birthing from ones inner body, connected to ones own understanding of their own personal psyche and life, take birth to a whole new level of respect and sacredness. These tools support that deep dive needed by a woman-being wanting to consciously birth her young.

My continuing love of Jungian thought, peri/pre-natal psychology, trauma (especially birth and developmental trauma) and its integration, the healing power of community and altered states of consciousness, and what it means to be a human being, guide me day by day as I share in this one life. All of these influence the way I work with others, the way I relate, and what I hold sacred. In choosing to walk with me as one of your guides, you will have access to all of these heart giving gifts. You become my priority, I serve you whole heartedly and in deep gratitude.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. 

I am Nattalia Walkker