Birth and the following postnatal period are a delicate and magical time in a families life.

Research shows that the way we birth and bond with our baby helps shape our babies future.
As such, this time is greatly enhanced by considerate, compassionate, and wise care.

This is the birth of your baby, the birth of your combined love. This birth will only happen once and you deserve quality care that will honour, protect, and minimize trauma during this fragile yet powerfully transformational time.

Birthwyse Inc. is committed to offering care that nourishes and uplifts a families spirit, heart, and body; care that respects the powerful nature of birth and births potential to shape the future.

My role as your birth doula is to help you have the birth that you are having while you are having it; to offer you nourishment, support, and powerful tools to help you move through each part of your birth from the strongest part of your heart, mind, and body, no matter how it unfolds. Yes, I will help you advocate for your needs and help you understand your options, but more importantly, our work before birth provides you with the confidence to move through whatever birth brings (and even whatever parenthood brings!) from the wisest place within your being. 

Combining elements of mindfulness, breath, yoga therapy, and Thai yoga massage your doula package is tailored to your unique needs. It is my commitment to you, that the birth of your baby is the kindest, the gentlest, and the most comfortable it can be.

As such, each of my packages include the following:

  • check
     Natural organic handcrafted body products designed to your preferences,
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    A hearty and nourishing meal(s) of your choosing (I provide a menu) 
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    In-depth personal guidance on the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your pregnancy, birth, and parenthood 
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    Personal guidance for you and your partner on how to birth and parent together in physical, emotional,           and spiritual ways 
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    Prenatal in home visits that are tailored to your needs and build on your strengths. These visits combine ‘breathing for birthing/parenthood’ guidance, body-centred childbirth preparation instruction, ‘birth in comfort’ practices, and ‘mindfulness for pain/parenthood’ instruction.
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    Assistance with understanding common procedures and common birth practices.
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    Referrals and information about postpartum support  
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    Guidance in developing and setting your ‘birth bubble’ and birth support that ‘protects and honours’ mom staying in her ‘inner world.’
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    Postpartum care that nourishes and warms  
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    Informational emails with prenatal/perinatal/postnatal recommendations, insights, and practices
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    Telephone/email support as requested and full 24 hour/7 days/week access at 37 weeks until birth.
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    Postpartum telephone/email support as requested (yes, even at 3 am)  
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    My full presence and heart energy assistance, you I accept a limited amount of clients per month to ensure that you receive quality service

My Personal Birth Manifesto

It should be know that the reason I became and remain interested in birthing, in Doula-ing, is because I believe completely in this human experience. 

We are born, here on earth, and we live as one entire family. We share this earth with plants, animals, and all living beings. In our being human, we have the capacity to make choices; to choose between cultivating more peace, tenderness, compassion and kindness or to choose anger, envy, hate, and neglect. I believe our experiences imprint the way we make these everyday, every moment choices. Our traumas, wounds, and joys become our behaviours and beliefs and we live out these deep imprints day by day. 

Our early environment, in the womb and with our primary care givers, our personal family, plays a significant role in our imprinting. The way we are received in utero and during birth impact our imprinting. And thus I believe powerfully in the capacity of the primary caregiver to make choices that serve their baby in receiving a kinder more gentle imprint.

My support of you and your family, prenatally, during birth, and into early postpartum, is to walk with you as you work with your own imprints, healing your own early traumas and wounds, supporting you in recognizing your deep currents of gentleness and grace, and witnessing you do this dance for you believe in a kinder more balanced future life for your love. You are unafraid of the work involved, you are ready to face your motivations and intentions, to make your choices. You want the support of one who see's all of who you are and is not shy to witness you in your light and your dark. I believe this is the work of being human, and I walk with you too.

We share this earth, we share this life. We share this work. Birth is the entry point.   

To this deeply beautiful path we share, I hold to being a Doula and a servant of the entry way to this planet. And I am in gratitude to all of you who allow me to witness and become a part of a beings becoming.


May all beings birth with wellness!


           ~Nattalia Walkker

  • The Basic 
  • A Middle Way
  • Ultimate Support

Choose this package especially for first time births where there is a lot of fear, anxiety, worry, and lack of birth education. Or for second time births if your first birth experience was un-easy, or any birth where you want that extra body care postpartum and extra birth information/care prenatally.

This Package Includes 

** One Prenatal Addon & one Postpartum Addon
** See the Motherhood page for full details on all the postnatal support, and below on this page for prenatal and postnatal add ons.**

4 Prenatal Meetings: Childbirth education (if needed), yoga/breath/mindfulness for pregnancy comfort and birth support, discussion of wishes/needs/special considerations, tools for parent-hood/postpartum - 2nd or 3rd time births can trade in a regular visit for a personally customized visit. (4 meetings, or a meeting per month from the point of hire, whichever is more meetings.)   **Your Choice of Prenatal Addon

Birth Support includes unlimited support (no time limit - I stay with you till the end) massage, birth positions with yoga, breathing, mindfulness and mental coaching, environmental influences are looked after, early breastfeeding support, post birth healing meal, early postpartum tuck in, and an optional day after visit (after a sleep of course), and more. 

3 Postpartum Meetings 1, 2 and 3 weeks after birth -- includes a birth review, plan to support mom, relationship tips, warming meal, tea, sitz bath and balm, healing with mindfulness, breathe yoga, and more.  **Your Choice of Postpartum Addon

$1950 +gst

**Additional meetings pre or post brith- cost- $110.00

Wondering this is the right package for you? Want to know if you can add or remove services? Book a Consultation to see if I am the right person to support you in your birth.

Prenatal Add On:

  • My Baby is Late...
  • Mindfulness
  • Meal Tree
  • Pampering
  • Other
Due Date Pampering

A kind of blessing -way ceremony, where I gather together some of your favourite women friends to sit in circle, share food, inspire and anoint you for your upcoming birth. This is an all about you session! Plan to receive this early in the month of your expected date of birth. You provide me with the names and pick the date, and I arrange the rest. It is intended to surprise and nourish you in the most beautiful way, with gifts, affirmations, positive support, and pampering. 

Due Date Pampering $116.00 + gst (prenatal only service)

Postnatal Add On:

  • Moxa Session
  • Belly Bind
  • Hot Stone
  • Yoni Steam
  • Ceremonial Bathing
  • Other

You can also choose from other services that Birthwyse offers such as: 

Thai Yoga Massage

Therapeutic Yoga Session

Breath Session

How can you feel even more supported in your birth? 

Please contact Nattalia for a personalized complimentary assessment of what would serve your evolution best.