Services To Nurture the Soul

"Do you ask why the sun shines, or the river flows? It is Mother's nature to love - her embrace expresses that love. An unbroken stream of love flows from Mother to every being in the universe. Mother does not give expecting anything in return. What nourishes Mother is the happiness of her children. Mother is the servant of everyone. I have no home of my own - I live in your hearts ." Messages from Amma 

These services are for you, intending to deepen the nourishment you receive. Choose the package that includes the ones you most want, or add them individually to your prenatal or postpartum care. 

May you well.. May you be well.. May you be well. 

These can be added to your birth package. If choosing as a separate service they are priced at $110+gst.

  • Moxa Session
  • Care Package
  • Three Meals
  • Yoni Steam
  • Extra Visit

Extra Visit

Book an extra visit. Meetings are used to deepen your prenatal practice and/or to nourish in postpartum. Unique and tailored to your particular needs at the time.  

Prenatal and Postpartum use 

These can be added to your birth package. If choosing as a separate service they are priced at $120-150 +gst.

  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • Numa Somatic's Breath Work session
  • Hot Stone
  • Therapeutic Yoga 

Yoga Theraphy 

Yoga is fabulous at helping your body open, calming your nervous system, and helping you to move/breath with sensation. Integrative yoga supports you in connecting with your body in uniquely mindful ways. It’s focus on balance and alignment, facilitates ease of movement, stability from the core, and remedies your bodies mis-alignments.In these one- to- one sessions, we explore the connection between your mind and body, unravel places of tension, and strengthen. 

Prenatal or Postpartum use ($120+gst/2 hr. session)

These can be added to your birth package. If choosing as a separate service they are priced at $200 +gst.

  • My Baby is Late...
  • Mindfulness
  • Meal Tree
  • Due Date Pampering
“My baby is late, can you help?”

A mix of services including moxa, breathe, and movement designed to prepare your body and mind for babies arrival. This is a combination of practices focused on relaxing the body/mind while encouraging the movement of the bodies internal ‘ocean.’ A soothing, rhythmic movement focused on opening, releasing and trusting the bodies timing. You will leave refreshed and inspired for babies birth.

Prenatal Only (2 hr session)

These can be added to your birth package. If choosing as a separate service they are priced at $300 +gst.

  • Ceremonial Bath
  • Mind, Body, Breat Education for Birth and Postpartum with Nattalia 
Trauma Minimizing Education for Birth and Postpartum with Nattalia

Private in home 3 hour experiential childbirth information session. Working form a somatically sensitive and trauma informed perspective, together we develop your skills set for how to:

listen to your babies needs, listen to your bodies needs, cultivate a calm and compassionate mind state, speak and act from your heart in birth and parenthood

these skills provide the opportunity to birth with more kindness and to parent with more gentleness

Prenatal use    


All Birth Clients Receive Discounts on Postpartum Services

Mother Warming Services

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, birth is known as a cooling condition- a condition which draws out a mothers internal warmth. Mother Warming Services are intended to rewarm, build up, and restore a Mothers internal fire using healing herbs and foods, traditional bindings, and heated body practices.

These practices focus on warming a new Mother so she may care for her babe without depleting herself.

  • Moxa Session
  • Belly Bind
  • Hot Stone
  • Yoni Steam
  • Ceremonial Bathing

Ceremonial bath (milk + honey or floral malay)- celebratory and herbal bath ceremony intended to welcome you to mother hood and release the past. Intended to help you find a small oasis in your new mother schedule. Includes a guided relaxation meditation and a warming oil/balm rub down. This is followed by a hot flax lavender packs sealing ceremony where your body rests and is wrapped to encourage a deep inner relaxation. This is a restorative process which helps you ‘seal‘ your birth and embrace motherhood

 Ceremonial bath $300 + gst (postnatal only service)

All Birth Clients Receive Discounts on Extra Postpartum Services