This is our first and very last experience on earth. Breathing. In, out, moment by moment our lives are marked and counted by the number of breaths we breathe.

Yet so often we never consider, nor pay attention to, this magical presence which connects our inside and outside worlds. This space holding element, which moves from person to person.


Our breath. 

NUMA breath work is a style of breathing intended to support a return to our natural full bodied breath cycle and integrate our past/present stress and unease. As we experience stress, trauma, and emotional intensity (joy and/or pain) etc, we create breathing habits that actually inhibit us from receiving the full benefits of our breath, the full benefits of our experience. By reconnecting to our breath, we offer our mind, body, and emotions the space in which we can return to our centre, our presence, our power.

Birthwyse Inc. recognizes the power in our breath. The power it has to alter experience, mark time, and transform our physical, emotional, and mental health. Together we will dive into a conscious awareness of your breathing, from which we may alter the energetic cellular imprints in your physical body, change the content of your thinking, and release the holding of your emotional past.


Sliding scale offered :

1 session $110 -- $145 + gst

3 sessions for $260 -- $295 + gst

5 sessions for $440 -- $475 + gst

7 sessions for $620 -- $655 + gst

10 sessions for $900 -- $935 + gst

Ask me about group rates! Also on a sliding scale!

Prenatal Add On:

Birthing requires that we breath consciously and fully in order to manage the intensity and majesty of the birth experience. NUMA breath work can be utilized to support an open breath, a full breath, and a integrative breath which will help us birth with more ease and calm in the face of intensity. It can also be used as an effective ‘pain management’ tool to support you as you work with the intensity of birth. This is a one-one-one session designed to help you understand how your breathing react’s to stress and how to return to a state of calm in the face of intensity.

Postnatal Add On:

Motherhood comes with its challenges amongst its joys. One of those challenges stems from the re-normalizing of the hormones of pregnancy and birth. NUMA breath work supports an open breath, a full breath, and a integrative breath. This way of breathing stimulates the release of the bodies natural beta-endorphins (think the feel good hormones) and thus it can help us work with and balance the hormonal changes in motherhood. This is a one-one-one session designed to help you understand how to breathe with, through, and in the face of the changing tides of motherhood.

How can you feel even more supported in your breath? 

Please contact Nattalia for a personalized complimentary assessment of what would serve your evolution best.