You have birthed your baby. 

You have welcomed your love and now you have entered what is affectionately called the fourth trimester.
This is a time of learning, a time of bonding, and a time of great change.

Mother Warming Services

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, birth is known as a cooling condition- a condition which draws out a mothers internal warmth. Mother Warming Services are intended to rewarm, build up, and restore a Mothers internal fire using healing herbs and foods, traditional bindings, and heated body practices.

These practices focus on warming a new Mother so she may care for her babe without depleting herself.

You will have many joys, but you may also encounter some challenges. These challenges can be supported by the gentle and knowledgeable application of time tested techniques.

Birthwyse Inc’s postpartum care supports you in finding spaces within your parenting to nourish your body, breath, mind, and partnership. Research shows that babies thrive when they have a deep bond with their mother/father and are raised in a harmonious relationship between mother and father/co-parent. 

Birthwyse Inc. recognizes that in order for mom to deeply bond with baby she needs to feel nourished, supported, and honoured. And for partners to make a harmonious transition from being a couple to being parents, they need tools, communication, and time for their relationship.  

Warm the body, feed the soul, and you nourish the heart of a new family.

Birthwyse Inc offer’s a range of options to support this transitional time in a families life. These options can make a great gift for any expecting or newly birthed family - your own or anothers.

Postpartum services can include the following:

  • a warming and nourishing meal
  • handcrafted wellness body products
  • practices that honour your new role and your changing body
  • insightful explorations of your specific mother/father needs 

Postnatal and Mother Warming Packages

You can custom tailor your Postnatal/MotherWarming support by choosing from the following in flexible packages. Services are available by the hour or in bundles.  Please contact me directly to find out which services are a best fit for your specific needs.   

  • handcrafted wellness body products
  • practices that honour your new role and your changing body
  • insightful explorations of your specific mother/father needs 
  • hourly informational/emotional/moral/physical support -
  • breastfeeding basics, finding sleep for the whole family, 
  • emotional/moral/mental support, mindfulness, yoga, and breathe for healing and growing, 
  • help with baby basics, informational referrals, 
  • time for you to reconnect with your partner, 
  • light home organization, tools/techniques for parenting well, communication tools and more.  

Hourly Rate : $45/hr.  

Package rates for regular postpartum support:
         12 hrs for $530 +gst
         16 hrs for $700 +gst
         20 hrs for $870 +gst

Completely Customize Your Care 

How can you feel even more supported in your postpartum? 

Please contact Nattalia for a personalized complimentary assessment of what would serve you and your family best. 

Maternity Leave slowly ending. I am accepting a limited number of birth clients with due dates starting in April 2023. Breath and Body services are back and a new Motherhood Service is coming soon!